Six Ways to Improve Communication with Patients

No one likes to be given bad news, especially of disease.  But first, you have to understand what it means.  When it comes to communication of medical information, the way the message is delivered is often just as important as the information itself.  Indeed, good communication is the backbone of every patient-provider relationship. A patient’s ability to […]

Have Doctors Really Become Less Empathetic?

Most people want an empathetic doctor, someone who can prescribe medications but also someone who listens and understands. Yet patients rightfully complain that there just seems to be less empathy from doctors in clinics and hospitals. Researchers have found that medical students’ empathy scores drop through the course of medical education, and medical journals lament […]

AMA Demands Congress Lift Ban On Gun Research

In the wake of the deadliest mass shooting in U.S. history, the nation’s leading medical society voted overwhelmingly Tuesday to end two years of debate over its stance on gun violence research and called on Congress to lift the decades-old ban on federal funding. Delegates at the American Medical Association annual meeting in Chicago voted […]

AMA’s Newest Powerful Policies

The America Medical Association House of Delegates voted Tuesday to adopt several policy proposals to improve the nation’s health. Physicians, medical students and residents representing all states and medical fields met in Chicago to vote on the policies. 1. Prevention of detergent poisoning in children.  2. Prevention of hearing loss in children from noisy toys.  […]

The AMA calls for an immediate end to MOC

Demonstrating its opposition to any mandatory physician secured recertification exam, the American Medical Association House of Delegates on Wednesday called for any certifying boards that still use such exams to “immediately” end these “high stakes” tests. The AMA house also approved a resolution to continue working with the American Board of Medical Specialties “to encourage […]