What Is the Truth behind the Sex Abuse Scandal?

An investigation into sexual abuse by U.S. doctors has found that since 1999, more than 3,100 physicians have been disciplined for sexual misconduct, and, of those, 2,400 sexually abused their patients— and half of those doctors still are licensed to practice medicine. That reality, unveiled in a scathing report by The Atlanta-Journal Constitution (AJC), leaves […]

Revealed Hazards of LED Streetlights

The American Medical Association (AMA) has just adopted an official policy statement about street lighting: cool it and dim it. The new “white” LED street lighting which is rapidly being retrofitted in cities throughout the country has two problems, according to the AMA. The first is discomfort and glare. Because LED light is so concentrated […]

Adulthood Epilepsy Symptoms You Should Never Ignore

Seizure symptoms in older adults aren’t that different from seizure symptoms in any other age group. But while it may seem strange for a 20-year-old to blank out for a few minutes and not remember what just happened, a senior might wave it off as fading memory or just getting older. As a result, this […]

Slashing the Stigma of Epilepsy

Most people group epilepsy in the same set as life’s incapacitating conditions. This, however, is far from the truth. First, according to doctors, some forms of epilepsy are curable. This is done through brain surgeries, especially for those patients who have growths or tumors in their brains. The biggest problem with the condition, however, is […]

Powdered Alcohol- “Palcohol”

CHICAGO – With concerns mounting from physicians and public health advocates nationwide about the health dangers associated with powdered alcohol, the American Medical Association (AMA) today adopted policy during its Annual Meeting supporting federal and state laws banning powdered alcohol in the United States. Approved by the Alcohol and Tobacco Tax and Trade Bureau in […]

Transgender Healthcare: Why Finding an Adequate Doctor Is Still a Hurdle

After James Parker Sheffield medically transitioned six years ago — requiring hormone replacement therapy and chest reconstructive surgery — he faced major challenges in getting adequate healthcare. Despite the recent attention paid to transgender rights across the globe, Sheffield’s story is an all too common reminder that there still remains a dearth of proper information […]

Pregnant women with epilepsy ‘need specialist care’

Pregnant women with epilepsy should be treated by a specialist healthcare team to prevent unnecessary deaths, according to new national guidelines.For full Article: click there this is a test this is a test this is a test this is a test this is a test