What Is the Truth behind the Sex Abuse Scandal?

An investigation into sexual abuse by U.S. doctors has found that since 1999, more than 3,100 physicians have been disciplined for sexual misconduct, and, of those, 2,400 sexually abused their patients— and half of those doctors still are licensed to practice medicine.

That reality, unveiled in a scathing report by The Atlanta-Journal Constitution (AJC), leaves countless people at risk and stems from what experts view as a broken system that values doctors’ worth over patients’ well-being.

The AJC reviewed more than 100,000 disciplinary documents and other records from across the United States. Staff identified documented cases in every state. Sexual assault cases ranged from doctors molesting patients while under anesthesia and masturbation of the doctor in front of the patient, to exchanging drugs for sex and even rape. Doctors still allowed to practice included those who were reprimanded for public indecency and child pornography.

In every case, doctors either admitted their wrongdoing to state medical boards, or authorities believed patients’ accusations after investigating, the AJC reported.

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